Staples when I felt alert and physically stable.

  • Kitchari mono diet removed menstrual cramps for months, but low dopamine reward food
  • Processed foods, alliums, gums and careegenan correlated with bodily discomfort and mental dullness/irritation.
  • Variety creates dopamine reward. Rotate staples, add surprises.
  • Low carb and low sugar or intermittent fasting correlated to less mental/physical fluctuation/imbalance
  • Dietary tonics for dietary adaptation: Triphala, soupy foods, select herbal teas and possibly “superfoods” like spirulina

How do you feel mentally and physically after your meals? How is your food affecting you?

Teenagereplay 2013


wells in me

temporarily quelled by some sugary

but i’m still smoldering

how can I be content?

or burn so bright that

my desires are ashes in

the face of the light of

what I can be?


I thought of these things

called emotions… of never wanting to be like you

but convinced of social responsibility

I feel able to continue to persist

like this until I die.

but I’m not sure sometimes,

It feels like

I’m shaped by

the things you say and do-

when I talk to you

I’ve learned to change

how I act or RAGE in your face,

what you can’t control

neither could I,

like this

give the world all I have to give

(Just wondering, was frustration just a product of mulling over things while some action on my truth was readily available?)